Whether you’re short or long sighted, have astigmatism or require varifocals we have contact lenses available to correct your vision. All our lenses are supplied by leading manufacturers and we offer many different materials and wearing schedules to suit your needs.

With such a wide range of options available, many of our customers use both contacts and glasses. Your optometrist will discuss the best options with you at your consultation.

Silicone hydrogel contact lenses
This material is more oxygen permeable than older contact lens materials, making it healthier for the eyes. Available as monthly, two-weekly and daily disposables.
Daily disposable contact lenses
Worn once, then thrown away, these lenses give you a fresh lens each time. It’s the simple, trouble-free and healthy way of correcting your vision. They can be worn full time, or just on an occasional wear basis and we recommend them for holidays, sports and social events.These are ideal for children starting out with contact lenses.
Multifocal contact lenses
These are available in daily and monthly forms. These allow patients to focus on distance and near tasks. These are fairly new to the market and offer a great alternative to multifocal spectacles.
Rigid gas permeable contact lenses
‘RGP’s provide an excellent level of vision and comfort.  We offer an extensive range of powers, designs and materials allowing us to select the perfect lens for your eyes.
Myopia management contact lenses
These are specially designed to minimise short sightedness in children as they move into adulthood. As soon as children become short sighted soft daily disposable lenses should be considered.tho-K contact lenses
Ortho-K contact lenses or Specialist lens designs
For certain eye conditions (e.g. keratoconus) more specialist designs are required.
Extended wear contact lenses
These lenses are specially designed to be worn continuously, even when sleeping. We find them convenient for people who need a flexible wearing schedule.

Gache Gold member Scheme

We offer a Gold members scheme – this where you buy your contact lenses every six month at a reduced price and this will also include all your care. Such as annual sight test and six monthly contact lens checks. Also includes any emergency visits plus you get great discounts on spectacles, sunglasses, solutions etc…
We will compete with any prices that you currently pay and you can collect here from the practice on Main Street.

Ask in store regarding the GOLD MEMBER Scheme !

Contact lenses are improving every day. They can be used to correct vision, to improve cosmetic appearance and as a therapeutic – this can be due to an accident on the eye or due to the eye being a strange shape. The materials are getting better and some patients are now able to wear for longer. This should always be discussed with your optometrist.

Regular contact lenses should be attended – every six months as recommended by the GOC. Sight tests should be very two years unless over the age of 70 it is then recommended every two years.




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