We have all the Gold Standard Optometry Equipment.

Our equipment comprises of the following:

    • Ocular Coherence Tamographer Nidek
    • Nidek Refraction Equipment
    • Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer
    • Non-Mydriatic Fundus Camera by Nidek
    • Gold Standard Pressure Check Goldmann Tonometer
    • Pachymeter
    • Stereo Tests
    • Colour Vision Tests
  • Binocular Vision Tests

We offer the most advanced technology

At Gache Opticians we offer the most advanced technology in Gibraltar and the most comprehensive eye examinations available on the market and its accessible to everyone. We also offer ultra-advanced testing methods, including Ocular Coherence Tamography and retinal photos.
OCT: Optical Coherence Tomography
Our expert optometrists can create detailed 3D pictures, to examine your eye with pinpoint accuracy, at just the touch of a button with the latest precision OCT scanning technology. It´s quick, it´s pain-free and nothing comes into contact with your eye.
As a small independent we feel that by investing in this equipment is investing in the people of Gibraltar’s eye health and provides us with an edge from a clinical perspective and it also works with our ethos at Gache to provide the best possible eye care to our community.
We have always been on top on keeping up with technology be it through investing in the first fundus camera here in Gibraltar out with the hospital, using the gold standard visual field analyser and investing in smaller machines such as pachymeters which measure the thickness of corneas to help in correct diagnosis of glaucoma. We want our patients to feel that they have received the possible clinical care and for the patients to know that our Optometrists are equipped and trained to provide the most excellent of care ? this is why we have invested in the Optical Coherence Tamographer.




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