Available to all adults and child.


A sight tests may involve a pressure test (if over 40 years old) this will involve some eye drops.


We can test any children from any age. If you notice any problems with your children’s eyes we will be happy to give you advice.

Extra tests may have to be done which would be at an additional cost and appointment. This will be explained at the time.

Eye examinations can tell a lot not only about the eye but your general health – some diseases can be completely asymptomatic and will only be detected on an eye examination i.e. Glaucoma. So it is advisable and very worthwhile to go for regular eye examinations.

An eye examination
An eye test is not just about getting glasses – it is a vital health check for your eyes. Thousands of people in the UK are needlessly losing their sight every year through treatable conditions like glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. Thousands more are living with sight loss because they are simply wearing the wrong glasses or not seeking treatment for cataracts. A regular eye test checks your eye health as well as your sight. Don’t put it off, book one today!

Why do you need an eye test?
A regular eye test can help detect eye conditions before you notice the effect on your sight. Early treatment can often prevent your sight from getting worse. Opticians who test your eyes are now called optometrists. We recommend that you have an eye test at least once every two years or more often if advised.

What happens in an eye test?
When you go for your eye test you should take with you any glasses that you wear, any contact lenses and the names of any tablets or medicine you are taking.

Eye tests should normally include the following, but the order may vary:

  • Discuss the reason for your visit
  • Checking your eye sight
  • Checking your outer eye
  • Checking your inner eye
  • Checking your eye muscles
  • Checking to see if you need glasses

At the end of your eye test
Your optometrist should discuss your eye test results and your eye health with you. If you don’t need glasses then the optometrist will give you a statement that says this. If you do need glasses then they must provide you with a prescription for your glasses. This prescription can be used to buy glasses at any optometrist’s practice not just the one where you had your test.

Do I need extra tests as part of my eye test?
Some people may be at higher risk of eye diseases like glaucoma and diabetic eye disease. Extra tests ensure early detection.

Are you over 40 years old?
People over 40 are more at risk of developing glaucoma.

Do you have diabetes?
Diabetes can cause eye problems that may lead to sight loss if not treated. Tell your optometrist if you have this condition or a family history of it so the appropriate time slot can be booked. If you do have diabetes the optometrist may use dilating eye drops to asses fully the back of the eye.


What are these extra tests?
The field of vision test
There are various different machines (most are computerized) which measure the field of vision. These tell how far around you can see. You will be shown patterns of lights and asked to say which ones you can see. Each eye will be tested separately. This test can help to detect glaucoma and other problems.

The eye pressure test

An increase in eye pressure may be a sign of glaucoma. There are two ways to test the pressure. One uses eye drops to numb your eyes for a short while and then placing an instrument on the front of your eyes, and the other involves blowing at least three puffs of air at the front of each eye. Neither test hurts.

Optical coherence Tamography
This is a relatively new piece of machinery and is not available in all optical practices but we are please to say it is available at with us at Gache.
This is basically a 3D scan of they eye which detects eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and iabetic eye disease at an early stage.

Dilating eye drops

If the optometrist needs to see the back of your eye more closely, drops will be put in your eyes that make your pupils larger. It takes up to half an hour for the drops to work properly. Some people find the drops make their eyes dazzled or their sight blurred. You should not drive or use heavy machinery for a few hours after the drops.




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