As well as testing in the clinic on main street we also offer Home Testing and Corporate Testing:

Home Testing

We now have a mobile clinic available, this will bring the modern eye test to you. This enables to conduct a full eye examination in the comfort of your own home. This is aimed at patients who hare unable to leave home due to illness or disability.  Please Contact us on 20075757 for details and prices. 

Corporate Testing

Gache Opticians On-Site eye Testing facility.

Employers are legally obliged under the Health & Safety regulations to provide eye care for VDU users, clerical staff, drivers and protective eyewear for industrial workers.

This requirement was introduced by the Health and Safety DSE (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations in 1995 (1997in Gibraltar) for VDU users. Previously in Gibraltar this would entail employees having to go to an Optometrist to have their eyes tested and therefore taking valuable time out of the office or factory or having to use their valuable lunch hour to do so.
Here at Gache Opticians we are now offering a service to make this easy and simple. We will come to you and provide a full comprehensive eye examination. We are now able to offer on-site corporate testing. This is where we can bring a mobile eye testing unit to your company and test on your premises.

Every employee in your workplace deserves the best eye care. If provisions are implemented and managed professionally the investment made has the potential to yield some handsome dividends in terms of reduced absence i.e. less work related ill health among DSE users. Adopting this service demonstrates you care for your employees well being.

This is the way forward in occupational eye care and is popular with large and small companies. This method cuts down on the amount of time an employee is away from their work station which is the largest single hidden cost when supplying eye care.

Site visits can be arranged in advance with our on-site testing teams then supplying a full eye test in your place of work.

We also supply general purpose spectacles and your employee can select from a fantastic range of frames, including many designer frames or if they would prefer they can come to our shop on the Main Street to see our full range.
We can also offer testing at Gache Opticians at our Main Street practice – although I would imagine less desirable than on-site testing due to your staff having to leave the work premises and this has been estimated to be on average 1 ½ hours out of company time per employee. This service is also available as a replacement to the on-site testing option or to compliment our on-site system for employees unable to attend our visits while we are there.

If your employees have private medical cover that covers eye examinations we have arranged with some insurance companies a direct billing service.

If you would like to discuss this more fully please contact us.
00350 200 75757


You are a member of the Gache Opticians Company Scheme were we offer a full extensive eye examination with all the most up to date modern equipment – all to hospital standard.

Reduced prices on eye examinations and purchases of spectacles, sunglasses, contact lenses and accessories.

These days we are all using our eyes so much due to using computers/ tablets/ GPS screens while driving etc… The demand on our eyes is progressing. Therefore regular eye examinations are an essential part of our health care.
Remember to let your staff know that you are a corporate member at Gache in case they need an eye examination. Then if they quote the company name then we can give them their discounts.
Also remember If at the end of the test you or your employee requires spectacles then on top of the Great offers below you will also get a further 10% discount off the total price due to being corporate members. (Exempt from discount is the eye examination). This includes designer sunglasses and accessories – so even if you don’t wear spectacles you can still benefit anytime of the year!
We will also inform you of regular offers and give you first chance when the sales begin – so please keep us updated with email addresses.

Gache Opticians 00350 200 75757.